Share your customer's success to power your own

published on 29 November 2020

Grow your coaching, training, instructing, or consulting business with customer success stories

Referrals are the lifeblood of any professional expert's business. A referral is truly the most effective form of marketing. The trouble is, referrals are certainly not the most efficient marketing strategy. Simply put, the referral method really doesn't scale well.


There are a number of reasons why referrals aren't producing enough high-quality leads to build your business.

1. You aren't asking your customers properly

Chances are you've thought to offer existing customers a discount or other type of incentive for referring a friend. This is a great first step! But, depending on what kind of services you offer, your customers may not know any other people who would be willing, able, or interested in paying for your programming! This is surprisingly common, and will naturally inhibit you existing customers ability to help you grow your business.

Also, making this "referral incentive" offer verbally and handing customers a stack of business cards to hand out to friends is remarkably ineffective. With this strategy, you are relying on your customers to exhibit behavior that is truly out of the ordinary in their day-to-day routine.

2. You aren't setting customers up for referral marketing success

Even the most well-intentioned customer - one who genuinely want to help you book more business - will have difficulty referring qualified customers if they don't have the tools to utilize network effects. For example...

  • Posting a referral link on their social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) is better than a stack of paper business cards
  • Posting a referral link with a thoughtful testimonial or review quote is better
  • Posting a referral link with a branded video testimonial is - by far - the best

This method of referral marketing is vastly superior to the "hope for the best" referral discount tactic used by most coaches, trainers, instructors, tutors, and consultants. Video testimonials bring efficiency to an already effective marketing channel. By empowering you customers with the ability to record their testimonials on video, you naturally increase your referral's reach, amplify engagement, and promote conversions from qualified buyers.


3. You aren't giving a megaphone to your customer's success

Your customer's stories are the single most powerful marketing asset. So why wouldn't you use these assets as the cornerstone of your paid social marketing campaigns? Many entrepreneurs and small business marketers still think of organic and paid content as mutually exclusive categories, when in fact they should be thought of as two different methods for distributing the same high-impact content.

In today's media landscape, authenticity is the coin of the realm. These day's people really don't like being "advertised to," especially on social media. This is precisely why we have seen a massive explosion in User Generated Content (UGC) in all forms of digital marketing! Paid ad content that looks and feels like the organic content has been proven to convert much more effectively than traditional overproduced and "salesy" ad creative. This makes perfect sense, if you think about it. Ad creative that naturally matches the content that users are accustomed to consuming on a given platform will provide the best user experience!

But perhaps more importantly, authentic, original, user-generated content blends the effectiveness of customer testimonials with the efficiency of paid-marketing channels to create a super-charged, high-impact and high-converting content marketing machine. The beauty of this content marketing method (as many expert professionals like coaches, instructors, trainers, tutors, and consultants are learning) is that getting started with UGC marketing is simple, fast, and cost-effective!

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