How to get more testimonial videos for your marketing campaigns

published on 05 December 2020

+ steal these templates for your own customer engagement

For the purposes of this post we'll assume you are totally bought in on the truly awesome power of social proof, video marketing, and video testimonials specifically. If not, we might recommend some supplemental reading before you continueπŸ€“πŸ¦‰.

Collecting authentic UGC (user generated content) for your social media content calendars and digital marketing campaigns is so easy you'll wish you started months ago. We'll make it even easier with the direct message, email, and social post copy templates below! Of course you want to be real and make it your own but the point is that you shouldn't have to stress out about how to get clients/customers/users to help you promote your product or service because as it turns out, the methods below are absurdly simple and have proven to be effective. Let's rock!


Say πŸ™Œ "Thank You" πŸ‘ in the comments and DMs


When you get a new follower, page like, or mention on your social channels.


Make it a practice to welcome new followers to your audience by sending them a simple message thanking them for their support and inviting them to tell their story.

Spoker mockup

For example:

{customer's name} - We're so glad to have you as part of our {your brand/company} community! We'd love to hear more about your experience with {your product/service} and to highlight your story in our next email newsletter and on {name your social channel(s)}. If you are willing and interested in sharing your story you can record a simple candid video here πŸ‘‰ {Insert-link(ex:}

- or -

Hey {customer's name}! Thanks for the support and glad to hear you are enjoying {your product/service}'s {your key value proposition}. We love to share our {client/customer/user}'s successes and we're hoping you will tell us more about your experience with a short, simple, candid video. It's super easy! No app downloads or software installs - check it out! πŸ‘‰ {Insert-link(ex:}


πŸ“£ Invite your audience to submit their stories


Schedule quarterly customer engagement posts to publicly solicit feedback, reviews, and customer stories from your audience.


Publish simple (and very brief) posts on your most active social media channels. Get straight to the point! Ask your fans a specific question related to their experience with your product or service as a prompt and direct them towards the submission link.

For example:

We love hearing from our {your company} fans! Head over to our fan engagement page and leave us a review or tell us why you choose {your company} for {your key value proposition} πŸ”—{Insert-link(ex:}

- or -

Want to have your success story featured here? Tell us about your {your product/service} experience! {Insert-link(ex:}



  • Include a screenshot. Feature a previous testimonial (or even just an example testimonial or mock up) in the post to grab your audience's attention and give them an example of what a success story looks like on your feed!
  • Include a video appeal. Record a video from a member of your team asking your fans to engage.

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